Game World
Practical instruction of Father Antonius on battling the embodied and non-embodied Enemy

Approved by the Pope for the education of brothers with the second access level,
and also as a reference for the warriors of the Holy Sword Tribunal from the first level and above

* * *

Chapter X


Possession is a state of mind defined as the presence of alien, sometimes hostile, ethereal matter, which completely or partially took possession of vital juices of its victim.

* * *

Chapter LXII


A mage (magician, conjurer, witchdoctor) is a human, who is either dowered or pursuant to prolonged self-control and meditations, has mastered the forbidden power to adjust his biorhythms to the rhythms of the outside world, both animated and non-animated, and change them by his inner power.

Warning: these people are extremely dangerous both for the Order and the Universe, as by their vigor and letch for power over the ether, they attract the Enemy's attention and become frequently possessed (See Chapter X). Once received this power, the Enemy starts with incarnation.

For this reason, it is advised to debar spreading of their teachings, which tempt the peaceful flock to go a ruinous path. Active magicians should stay under surveillance day and night. If surveillance is impossible, harmful or irrelevant, and also at first symptoms of being possessed - purgation should be executed by means of sacred steel.

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