Game World
The Free City of Sylent

On the coast between Mirralia and Leranse just like between the hammer and the block, stands the free town of Sylent. Gold is the most precious thing in this town. It is the town where one can buy and sell anything. It is the town, which treasures have been attracting close attention of the neighboring countries for a long time. The walls of Sylent are guarded by the best mercenary army. The Magic Academy is located here - that is the last school of magic left, where the most powerful and the bravest magicians that survived in the Sword Tribunal hunt study and teach there. These two reasons are serious obstacles for the Leranse kings, who are eager to take that free town under control.


"If you visited Sylent, then you saw all cities of the world."
Haigred Silver-Tooth

Everyone who climbs the highest tower of the Academy witness a fabulous view over Sylent.

One will see ever-fussy port, where masts and piles of goods are competing with each other in height, where the sea sounds drown in the screams of drunken dock workers, and where anyone can find his last shelter at night.One can see the main square, that is always full of people, half of them being professional pickpockets; the trade council building, where the proceedings always take place and the speeches can always be heard; endless rows of shopping stalls, where one can buy something vital for almost nothing or pay a fortune for some trifle; guilds and workshops, manufacturing anything one can imagine - from candies to gelatin capsules with cyanide.

Only in Sylent one can see everything at once, only here life is bowling day and night, in any weather.