Game World

To the North of Derenhalle lies Leranse, the main and the most powerful of all new kingdoms, the former central province of the Empire. It is the center of high and religious life. The magnificent knightly Leranse cavalry is rightfully considered to be the best army in the world. The main Sword Tribunal fortress is also located here. The residences of the King and the Pope are located in its capital Verson.

Verson - the town of kings

"Truly great and glorious is the city of Verson, the capital of Leranse.
So many wise kings ruled in it, so many genuine knights feasted in its halls,
so many saints preached in its churches, that its walls and its stones
became the stronghold of holiness, knighthood and monarchy."

Oh, Verson! This town is rightfully considered to be one of the wonders of the world!At the place where Versa and Saine rivers merge, a town of kings towers over the hills - the ancient capital of the Gillangian dynasty. The town was built upon the ruins of the first Marcus temple. It was growing and was rebuilt over the period of four centuries, and now people compose legends about its beauty. The town starts from the outer wall, which was built in the recent calm years, and that is why it is not that high, but beautiful - bleached laying begirds the town like a bride's belt. Immediately after the wall begins the commercial outskirts of Ryy with red-brown tiled roofs, many-colored signboards and the benches, filled with diverse goods.

The old town fortifications rise beyond the trade area. Their walls and towers used to be white, but now the plaster has a fracturing pattern. However, their beauty is not about the plaster, but the scars which were inflicted to these walls protecting the main precious thing of Verson - the Saint Marcus Cathedral.

The Cathedral is the most beautiful building ever built by mankind (It is prohibited to compare the Cathedral with the academy of heretic mages in Sylent - Sword Tribunal's note). Its white walls made of pure marble, its silver stained-glass windows and spire, the bas-reliefs, adorning it, and a five-meter statue to Marcus make the Cathedral as a man-made wonder created ad Gloriam.

The residence of the Leranse kings, the Lariv castle, is located near the Cathedral. There are no castles that can be ranked with it because of its power and great walls and towers. Gillangians have ruled the country from this castle for ten generations. Well worth their family!