Game World

The kingdom of Derenhalle lies on the South of former empire premises. The nature and the climateof this land are amazing, and Derenhalle could have been the best place on earth, if it were not forthe constant threat of the Orcish raids. The fortification wall that was built by Emperor Claudius,separates the kingdom from the Verks Wastes, but the green-skinned still manage to get deep into thecountry, annihilating everything on their way. That is why every male in Derenhalle undergoes militarytraining, and every village reminds of a fort.


"Me, a miserable monk, I incline my head
to this petrified warrior, whose glory,
although have risen up high, will never fall."
Advitius, monk of the Talimian order

The severe rock towers of city are raised above the furious river. High walls with the flat battlementsas if grow from the cliff they stand on. Narrow cold firing openings, like never-sleeping eyes, attentivelypeer into the distance. The leaf bridge made of the blackened wood is elevated because of the ancienttradition. Freiburg is ready to counter enemy attack any day or night, in winter cold or poring rains- the fortress keeps ward for the lands of the King and the Holy Church like in the elder times. And theFreiburg Kings' colors proudly flutter over the giant main bastion.