Game World
"…Cry, Eolia, the mistress of the world, for your beauty will be cut by your sword…"
The deathbed prophecy of Marcus from the "Safire Code",
prohibited collection of apocrypha, volume 2.

Nobody knows when Illis became the world we now know. Even in the oldest Elven Chronicles there is not even a hint to when the Humans, the Dwarves, the Orcs and the Elves appeared in that world. Only Dragons still remember what this world was like several millenniums ago.

From the very beginning Illis became the arena of war. While dwellers were fighting for lands, treasures and wisdom, much more power forces were struggling for the magic energy that fills this world.

About a thousand years ago the Humans banished Orcish tribes to the far southern Verks Wastes. The Eolia Empire is located from the northern lands of the Dwarves up to the southern defensive positions. Life in Eolia was peaceful and happy during the first four centuries - trade and crafts flourished, sciences and arts developed. The numerous cults of gods got along with the diverse magic schools. Hundreds of thousands of slaves raised aqueducts, temples and majestic palaces.

The peaceful life of the Empire was destroyed when a star fell from the skies. That was a sign of darkness. Farrakh came to the world to rule it. A devastating war destroyed central provinces. The Humans waited for the help from the Elves and the Dwarves, but even the united forces of three races were insufficient to defeat the new threat. At last General Marcus, who commanded the Human army, personally led an attack against the enemy and won the battle, although it cost him his life.

Eolia withstood, but the price was too high. After the victory constant rebellions of slaves in the distant provinces and protectorates started to happen. The main resources of the Empire were spent for the restoration of the capital, while almost nobody thought of small towns and boundary fortifications. In the course of time, Eolia fell apart into separate provinces and towns. It was the fall of the greatest kingdom in the lands.

The priests of the Solitarius cult started to attract more and more believers. They proclaimed General Marcus to be a saint. Marcus' sword became the symbol of a new religion. This world was sinking into a devastating war. The great Orcish leader and conqueror, Ugraum Grableg, instigated by cunning shamans, is currently gathering a huge horde to invade human lands.

Leranse and Neighboring Kingdoms

"…And from the North they came, proud and brave knights.
And they founded kingdoms of their own on the ruins of the old world,
and their people came with them. And they started to cultivate
the soil and breed the cattle. Towers rose over the fortresses,
and the holy land began to shine in its glory…"
Court-chronicler of King Sigismund II.

The History of Kingdom Creation

The kingdoms were founded on the territory of former Eolia empire about five hundred years ago when the empire was dying from the endless internal wars. New lords came down from the northern boundaries - squads of Tirolingians, lead by brilliant and noble knights (which were referred to as savages and barbarians in Eolia).

Having easily defeated the "invincible" legions, Tirolingians captured the capital and declared all the provinces to be under the control of a new religion. The irony of it all was that the victorious ones brought a slightly modified variant of the Saint Marcus's religion with them. Almost 200 years of murderous religious wars passed since that time, the Saint Marcus Church became the one and the only, and the boundaries of kingdoms became like what they are now.

The kingdom of Derenhalle lies on the South of former empire premises. The nature and the climate of this land are amazing, and Derenhalle could have been the best place on earth, if it were not for the constant threat of the Orcish raids. The fortification wall that was built by Emperor Claudius, separates the kingdom from the Verks Wastes, but the green-skinned still manage to get deep into the country, annihilating everything on their way. That is why every male in Derenhalle undergoes military training, and every village reminds of a fort.

To the North of Derenhalle lies Leranse, the main and the most powerful of all new kingdoms, the former central province of the Empire. It is the center of high and religious life. The magnificent knightly Leranse cavalry is rightfully considered to be the best army in the world. The main Sword Tribunal fortress is also located here. The residences of the King and the Pope are located in its capital Verson.


On the north-western frontier of Leranse Plains are changed with woods. The lands of the Great dukes of Mirralia start here. Ralin, the capital of dukedom, is known as the town of arts and sciences. The best artists, poets and scientists work in this town. But beyond its limits, in the woods and on the coast, gangs, as well as pirate conclaves and mercenary armies (they use to combine these types of "business") are doing very well.

On the coast between Mirralia and Leranse just like between the hammer and the block, stands the free town of Sylent. Gold is the most precious thing in this town. It is the town where one can buy and sell anything. It is the town, which treasures have been attracting close attention of the neighboring countries for a long time. The walls of Sylent are guarded by the best mercenary army. The Magic Academy is located here - that is the last school of magic left, where the most powerful and the bravest magicians that survived in the Sword Tribunal hunt study and teach there. These two reasons are serious obstacles for the Leranse kings, who are eager to take that free town under control.

Larid, Tersh and Parsa

The lands of Larid, Tersh and Parsa lay on northern and western territories. These kingdoms can be proud with the fact that the course of life has not changed for two centuries there. Hunts are followed by feasts, feasts are followed by tournaments, and tournaments are followed by the peasants' uprisings. As for the rest, the politics of these countries depends on their elderly neighbors.

Church and Magic

Times of the Empire

Magic has been advancing since the days of the heathen empire when the main spells divided into schools of elemental magic. The first mages were heathen priests, they practiced knowledge in rituals.

However, the Priests of the Solitarius cult, considered that practicing magic was something undeserving and unnatural. The deed of Saint Marcus, who professed the faith in Solitarius, had strengthened church's confidence. Moreover, many accused mages of the fact that it was them who opened Farrakh the way into the world. Since that time, the magic was divided into holy (healing, blessing and protection) and elemental. Practicing any unholy magic was becoming more and more dangerous.

Times of Kingdoms

New conflicts appeared when the kingdoms were created. A group of priests that considered a new version of the religion, brought by the northern invaders, to be unacceptable, fled to Ticsus. Their order is still influential, but the authority of the Holy Throne is much more powerful. Other priests accepted the new canon, which also included a postulate that there is God's magic, and there is Demon's magic.

The Sword Tribunal was established. It was fighting for the purity of faith and even hunting down and eliminating witches, mages and heathens. The Sword Tribunal is officially subordinated to the Holy Throne of Verson. But the authority of the Grand Priest of the Sword is so huge, that he can influence even the Pope.

Hundreds of years of manhunt turned out to be affected on magic. Now one could be burnt in flames even if could appear to be just a simple ritual. And although you could still encounter a witch or a mage away from capitals, there was only one place to find true magical knowledge at, and this is Magic School in Sylent.