Combat parameters

High speed, long viewing distance, attacks melee units safely. They are also able to attack melee squads with no reprisals.

Additional features

Segmental movement (gives chance to spend movement points gradually), ability to escape capture (unit is able to pass by an enemy).


It is difficult for a peasant to earn for living and it is even more difficult to maintain his family. That is why many field workers have to roam in their lord's forests at night carrying bows and spears and hoping to get some kill. All of them hope to never get caught, because poaching is punished by death. But if a hunter gets caught, only a timely war can save him from the gallows pole. Poachers are the best scouts. So why not to use them and to let them redeem their guilt to the lord by good service?

"Orcs retreated to a forest and fearlessly deployed their front in knights' cavalry direction. These orcs can compete with knights in the amount of armors. Infantry spears can be breaking in vain against their breast plates. King Victor looked round his vassals with doubt, he had a feeling that even for cavalry this squad is a really tough nut. All of a sudden, from behind the trees behind orcs, scouts in easily recognizable hunter caps appeared noiselessly. Throw of short, weighted at the ends darts, fell on the less protected orcish backs. To the moment when orcs turned around roaring to meet a new danger, scouts had disappeared among trees as quietly as before. And the next moment the knights' ram blow scattered what remained of orcs' squad."

Derenhalle Chronicles,
King Victor