Like a good warrior who controls his sword,
A good commander has to control his soldiers,
Otherwise greed and fear will destroy their souls, and their swords will become rusty.

Derrick Pfeil

Each type of units has its own advantages and disadvantages...

The main purpose of Crossbowmen is to destroy armored units from a distance. They are able to give support to neighboring friendly squads, if they are under enemy attack. They are also able to flight against flying units. While being vulnerable in close combat they are the most efficient at interaction with other units.

These warriors are well protected against different attack types. Their power of survival makes Halberdiers the wonderful defenders of weaker squads. They are able to efficiently block ram attacks of enemy cavalry. Besides, Halberdiers are well suited for destroying heavy armored targets.

High speed, long viewing distance, attacks melee units safely. They are also able to attack melee squads with no reprisals.

TThese soldiers are not much stronger than peasants but they can be used for defense in order to block enemy attacks. They have good stamina and with some luck, they could become spearmen, arbalesters or swordsmen with time.

Excellent scouts, reduces characteristics of the enemy attacked. Efficient in ambushes and raids of the enemy's flank.

Quick, mobile unit with high cross-country capacity, large field of vision and ability to safely attack melee squads, temporarily reducing their performance. The best places for them to operate are in a forest and hilly terrain.

Well-protected unit, efficient in capturing and holding key spots and in attacking/defending towns. These heavy soldiers are almost invulnerable to simple attacks of the enemy. An intensive melee attack and ability to fight in urban terrain make swordsmen an ideal unit for seizure and defense of fortresses. In open terrain, owing to their special abilities, swordsmen are able to block powerful enemy units.

The elite of heavy infantry. These warriors are able to hold out where any others would be swept off. They are so well protected, that for an enemy a line of Foot Knights is the same as a castle wall. Such units could be used for protection from heavy cavalry or from monsters. They are efficient in attacking/defending towns.

A powerful attacking unit intended for overcoming the enemy line. Efficient on plain or hilly terrains where the advantage of their ram blows can be used in full.

A powerful attacking unit intended to destroy the enemy line. Efficient in a flat terrain or during attacks from the hills, where an advantage of their ram blow could be used in full. It is necessary to consider that in spite of strong armor, Royal Knights are not very strong at defense. Being impetuous they attack the enemies nearest to them on their own choice (without orders).

Powerful attacking squad for destruction of enemy line. Mostly efficient in a plain terrain or during attacks from hills, where the advantages of a ram blow could be used in full. Calmness, that is usually non-typical for cavalry, and ability to move ahead gradually, give to Champions of Marcus an ability to strike shattering blows against enemy rear positions.

A very powerful attacking unit intended to overthrow enemy line. Mostly efficient in plain or in hilly terrains where advantage of their ram blow could be used in full. Unlike other cavalry units, Paladins protect themselves efficiently.

Flame Guards are able to execute any task during the battle. Their high attack and defense performances combined with additional skills make it real for even one unit of Flame Guards to withstand a small army.

The main purpose of Dwarven Crossbowmen is to destroy armored objects from a distance. They are able to give support to neighboring friendly squads, if they are under enemy attack. They are also able to flight against flying units. They can act alone, being well protected by armor from melee attacks. Especially efficient in hilly terrain.

This unit is the basis of the Dwarven infantry with their excellent strength, slow cross-country speed and a skill to fight in a hilly terrain. In the battlefield, a unit of Dwarfs is able to become a rock, and they cannot be harmed.

Elven Sword units can be indispensable both during an attack and during defense. Their high cross-country capacity and skill to walk in any area makes it possible for these soldiers to attack enemies when they least expect it.

As a long range fighting engine with high firing power, Dwarven Mobile Forts are similar in application to catapults used by Humans. However, this one is dangerous not only from distance , the fortress has robust armor and is difficult to destroy it from the ground as well as from air. Low speed and low cross-country capacity are its main disadvantages in comparison with other fighting machines.

This Orcish squad has a very powerful melee attack, but a relatively poor defense. It is necessary to keep in mind that Mads can rush at any nearby enemy without orders.

Bad Mads had originated from Mads. Their attacks have become even stronger, but weak defense leaves Mads vulnerable for attacks of the enemy shooters. They are able to become furious, what results in the increasing damage inflicted by them. Mads are also able to assault any nearby enemy without order.

This heavy infantry is almost invulnerable to ordinary enemy attacks. Powerful attack and fighting skills in urban terrain have transformed Orc Mights into an ideal weapon for siege and defense of fortresses. In open terrain they are able to stop any enemy using their special abilities.

High speed, invulnerability to ground-based melee squads, wide radius of vision - all those make a Pteranodon Rider a wonderful scout. He is able to struggle with hostile flying creatures, to finish off retreating enemy units and to destroy siege machines.

This inexpensive unit can be used as "live shields" for your other troops. They do not have good fighting skills, but they are able to survive due to the ample quantity of Goblins in a unit. They have good cross-country properties.

Basic infantry unit with undeveloped parameters. Being hardier than Goblin Looters, Orc Mobs are able to successfully block enemy's units. After all, even the weakest of orcs are stronger than a common human.

The main shooting unit of the Horde. They have good defense and have high cross-country abilities which makes it possible for them to make raids on an enemy’s flank. While setting up the units deploy Goblin Archers behind other troops under their protection.

A long range fighting machine with high firing power, Stone Tosser is used similarly to Human catapult. It is dangerous at a distance, but very vulnerable in a melee. Besides, it is not able to fire at flying units, and as a result could be easily destroyed from the air.

Fast mobile unit with high cross-country capacity, ability to make segmental moves and safely attack melee squads. Mounted Goblins are a unique combination of scouts and light cavalry and as a result they are efficient both in cross-country and plain terrains.

Orcish Riders are a very rapid and mobile unit, adapted for flanking maneuvers. They can cause serious danger for all unit types (except heavy infantry). Even when cut off from their friendly units they are able to successfully defend themselves using counter attacks.

Extremely heavy infantry. High defensive skills combined with regeneration capability and huge size scare enemy troops which makes Wild Trolls one of the strongest infantry units. They are efficient in attack and even more efficient in defense of fortresses.

Extremely heavy infantry. Besides their regeneration capability common in all Trolls, thick skin protecting them from any attack and their ability to scare opponents, these monsters also have the ability to temporarily transform themselves into stone.