Captain Derrick Pfeil is a good commander for any mercenary army. Cold judgment and sternness are smoothly combined with human knowledge and tactical mastery in his personality. Being a descendant of an ancient family Pfeil inherited from his ancestors honor, nobility, excellent manners and secrets of the family fencing school. It is hard to find a more dangerous enemy than him throughout all kingdoms.

When you look at this broad-shouldered man, it is hard to believe that he is Alfred Brennok, head of the mage academy Licvetur. At first look he seems like he should be in a suit of armor rather than a professor's robe. Once, long time ago the master was a sergeant of the guards and it is unknown who was more frightened - enemies or recruits.

For many centuries the elven sorceress Teya has been fighting in far lands and defending the peace in the woods of Quendaylone. Together with her faithful warriors she fulfills special orders of the Great Council of the Elders. Teya has seen hundreds of battles that became legends among human kingdoms. Only her beauty might be compared with her experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Dwarnrock is the leader of the Mighty Dwarf clan. Despite of his small height he has unbelievable strength. It is extremely difficult to find a man that can lift his war hammer. Like all underground inhabitants Dwarnrock values honor and duty first of all.

Ugraum Grableg is a strong and clever leader. He has quickly become the chieftain, but he didn't stop. Having comprehended once that orcs can be invincible if they get united, Ugraum started gathering the Horde. He has managed to unite all clans of the green-skinned warriors under his command.

The name Besargar is known both in Werks Wastes and in Human kingdoms. The leader of the Berserkers is so mad, strong and quick that only a few of those who have challenged him survived their clash.

The chief Orcish shaman, Ash-hoon, can safely wander around the lands of any clan in The Wastes. Nobody dares to stand in his way. The shaman doesn't have an equal in the knowledge of potions or deathly spells. The secret here is not in skillful grasp of magic though, the chief shaman utilizes everything, including bribes, intimidation and murder.